The art of creating taste

Miseria e Nobiltà born from the passion for culinary tradition and dedication to the discovery of unique flavors.

Chef’s specials

Miseria e Nobiltà

Spaghetti with chickpeas, prawns and cherry tomatoes

Pasta sausage turnip tops and cruschi

Fresh pasta with turnip tops fresh sausage cut with a knife tip and peppers crusch

Baccalà with broad beans cream

Fresh cod shaded with brandy accompanied by broad bean curd bran cream and a sprinkling of pepper.

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The chef will be an arrangement for any need and will prepare for you, classic, vegan and gluten-free dishes. The search for artisan products, the quality of raw materials and the passion of people are the cornerstones of our philosophy

Everyday 12:00 - 15:30 | 2000 - 23.00
Thursday and Sunday Open for lunch only